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Is the sip user registered ?

Kamailio acts as a registrat and location server. The userloc module is used to check whether a user is registered or not:

# kamcmd ul.dump | grep moncomptesip



Replacing “moncomptesip” with the username of the SIP account.

An important point to note: the records (location table in SIP) are stored in memory and saved in the database on a regular basis. The content of the database does not represent the data used by Kamailio in real time, but just a backup in case of Kamailio service stop working !

To access the specific logs of the recording, it is necessary to filter the syslog file with the call-id of the SIP dialog (to be captured by a tool like sngrep or sipcapture):

# less /var/log/syslog | grep moncall-id

Replace moncall-id with the call-id of your SIP dialog.

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